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Alphas and Numerics

In the title, Alphas stands for the English Alphabets and Numerics stands for Numerals. This is a brain teaser of letters game (word game), numbers game (math game) and conundrums game where in the letters game you choose nine letters and form the longest word you can, and in the numbers game you choose six numbers from 1 to 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 and a target number is revealed and you calculate your way from the chosen numbers using basic arithmetics to hit the target. And in the conundrums game a nine letter riddle consisting two or three words is revealed and you are required to make a nine letter word to solve the conundrum. This is similar to the long running British television program Countdown, the French version Des Lettre et Des Chiffre and the Australian version Letters and Numbers broadcasted in SBS. In all games you will be given thirty seconds to complete the game. The mobile app also allows you to verify your answers in all games. The letters game has its own built-in dictionary. You will also be able to keep your score. So far the game is only available in the Google play Android market. Games for the iphone, ipad and windows mobile will be available in the future.
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Choose from the following options to reveal the numbers. Then calculate your way with the numbers in the boxes to hit the target in 30 seconds. Each number may only be used once.  Place the mouse over the target number for a possible solution. No peaking! Try your hardest first.
 |  0 | 6 1 | 5 2 | 4 3 | 3 4 | 2
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Reveal the letters one letter at a time or all letters in one fell swoop and form the longest word you can in 30 seconds. The total number of letters per game must equal 9.
One letter at a time Vowel Consonant
All at once Vowels Consonants
If you like the Alphas and Numberics Game and want to have it on your mobile to play it any time and anywhere you please without having to get online find it in Google Play Store by clicking below.

Available in Android Market

The mobile version of the game uses a better algorithm and hence generates a better mix. It also includes more features. There are four different games, single game apps, the Alphas Game, Numberics Game and Conudrums, and a multiple game app, the Alphas and Numerics Game which comprises all three games.
Below are screen shots of each game
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